These past couple months i have seen posters with the words “keep calm and” then fill in the blank. These were simplistic posters in a one color layout and always with a crown at the top. Very simple, usually encouraging and to the point. After some research i found the story of how they began which made me appreciate the poster concepts more. Watch the video below.

(Not only was that video put together very well but the bookstore had a great story and was even in an old train station. I must say that’s pretty awesome!)

This poster started becoming a trend even on Pineterest. Here is a link to the board of posters compiled by a user. There are many posters out there that are not done well and in my eyes are just a bad use of the concept and history behind the poster. Many companies have been using this concept and pushing the sales of the design aspect, here is a site called keepcalmgallery which uses the style and i believe keeps the history and respect with it.

Here is the original layout of the poster and then a minor styled one which i think looks great also.

Keep Calm

Here are examples of this cultures version of this design.



I have seen many 3D printers but nothing reasonable and easy to use. This MakerBot Replicator is a great device to come up with toys, models or just any ideas you have. I can see many kickstarter ideas coming from things made on this devices, especially because you can make “1 off” designs.

With all the crazy ideas i have, this device would make some of them come to life. If i had this device i would probably blow all my money on the “filament” used to create each item. This device has a two color option, so you can not just make a simple single color toy you have have a two color toy and could look complete.

If I had $2000 to spend right now I would have this ordered and already shipped to my place…but since i dont it will just have to be another dream.






“Meet the only thermostat that improves with time. No more programming, no more constantly changing the temperature. The Nest™ Learning Thermostat™ programs itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy.”

Nest is great way to monitor your house with today’s technology. If you read the white paper on this device you can see how there is a good ROI on this device. I was sold on it with just the interface and design then once I read that it will pay for itself in an average household in about a year or two that sealed the deal.

This device is designed by one of the ex-Apple iPod engineers. Currently this device is sold out because of the popularity, you can join their list to be notified when they release more.

It’s amazing that just making something user friendly and with some style will save money. Read the white paper and stats on this device are pretty amazing.








Ignited USA came up with a great way of using todays technology and create something simple but out of the box. They took 60 iPhones (possibly iPods also) and made a digital choir. Downloading a different voice changer app on each phone and then making them sing a Christmas song.

They didn’t just do it for fun but also for an awareness for the LA Mission. Eachtime someone watches their YouTube video they will donate 5¢ to the mission (up to $2,500). A great way to give back and also bring people to check out their company.


I love using Spotify to listen to my music. Such a great idea and I never have to buy my music anymore and I get almost everything out there. Spotify doesnt yet have an airplay option to send the audio to a Apple TV but there is hope. All you need is Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil for Mac. Any audio application on your Mac can be output and made accessible to AirPlay devices with Airfoil.

  1. Download and install Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil for Mac.
  2. Choose Spotify in Airfoil as the application you want to play.
  3. Choose the AirPlay and/or Airfoil device(s) you want to connect to.
  4. Play music using Spotify.

Nice little hack to listen to Spotify around the house and not just on my laptop. Apple just needs to allow Spotify to be an app on their system..but that would never happen.




I love when great artist are combined with things of faith. Jim LePage started a bible design project with designs and write ups for each book of the Bible. He pulls out some great verses and some sweet art. He also ties in some of the artwork to be understood in today’s culture. Check him out. A bonus is that you can also buy his art as posters.


My Wish List

Just in case you are interested at what I am currently wishing to be under the Christmas tree. My list which will always stay updated.

Here is the link to my full list: Shawn’s Full Wish List


For a long time one of my dreams was to have a retail shop. One of the concepts to have a retail shop was to print all my designs and have as a vending machine in the mall. has just released a trial of four t-shirt vending machines in Illinois…so jealous. They look legit. I wish one was closer so I could go visit it. Someday I hope that i could get to a place like this, but first off I would have to have the funds to print all my designs…

I have always wondered what it would cost for all the items in the song 12 Days of Christmas and well I found a company that puts that together every year. Their website is very well done and just for this 12 Days of Christmas, any website that has a train and an adventure was built by my newest best friend…haha.

Check it out their website:

Codes are good for a free $1 movie rental. I will update this post with new ones after they expire.


No straight codes right now just text codes below


These ones below you will have to text 39777 and you will receive a $1 off code that is usable once, takes about 5-10 min to receive the code once you text the word:

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