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Ignited USA came up with a great way of using todays technology and create something simple but out of the box. They took 60 iPhones (possibly iPods also) and made a digital choir. Downloading a different voice changer app on each phone and then making them sing a Christmas song.

They didn’t just do it for fun but also for an awareness for the LA Mission. Eachtime someone watches their YouTube video they will donate 5¢ to the mission (up to $2,500). A great way to give back and also bring people to check out their company.


I love when great artist are combined with things of faith. Jim LePage started a bible design project with designs and write ups for each book of the Bible. He pulls out some great verses and some sweet art. He also ties in some of the artwork to be understood in today’s culture. Check him out. A bonus is that you can also buy his art as posters.